The Importance Of The Human Touch

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The important human element in all supply chain relationships.

With the great metallic strides being taken in Artificial Intelligence in recent years, the question of whether robots will make multitudes of workers redundant is no longer science fiction. However, among the speculation around the rise of the machines, people still have an advantage that will be increasingly important for employ-ability: the human element.

In the supply chain, we’re witnessing advancements in tech that are every day playing a greater role, such as 3D printing and the Internet of Things. However it’s the soft skills – so often underplayed and even undermined in the past – that are now emerging as being essential for both procurement and suppliers.

One faculty robots are rarely likely to ever develop is the ability for empathy. Procurement teams should take the time to observe what does and doesn’t work when handling relationships in the supply chain, and develop their own empathetic abilities – helping them to better predict partner needs, and know how best to manage them.

Continual self-improvement
The human brain is incredibly powerful, and built for learning. Teams can focus on improving their own performance through small, simple steps. For instance, they can work to eliminate the fear of failure by admitting where they are experiencing challenges in team meetings, so solutions can be found together.

Cultural understanding
There is, especially for international supply chains, a huge advantage in making an effort to really understand the culture of your partners – whether that’s national culture, or the culture and values of their own organisation. Cultural sensitivity, and an awareness of the importance of trust and accountability in many companies, can pay dividends.

With such skills as these, you can demonstrate your care and consideration for your supply chain partners. This is vital not just for strengthening partnerships, but for building long lasting relationships.

At SK Euroca, our conscience serves as a motivational backdrop to the things that we do, our sense of relationship the driving force.

SUPPECO, is the combination of both, human relationship and smart AI technology – a fresh approach to vendor relationship management.

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