Seamless transition, from one entity to another

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Outsource, divestment, merger or acquisition, all invariably require that services be moved in some form in the course of their transition from one party to another. Single (e.g. End User Compute) or multi tower (Full ITO), rarely will any successfully complete without varying degrees of integration and optimisation.

These services will certainly all be underpinned and governed by contracts. After extensive experience, good results and positive feedback we’ve created a set of modular bespoke templates aimed at driving smooth and seamless transition.

Complete Visibility

Bumps in the road of transition, e.g. unforeseen stranded cost or indeed lost opportunity, are common. A holistic potentially enterprise wide approach is important, and always pays off.

Our versatile multi tower approach to transition modelling data management means that we are naturally able to utilise this as an end to end IT supplier catalogue, offering all of the advantages of multi tower risk and cost management, negotiation positioning, and category optimisation.

Why Transition Modelling?

Tower & Catalogue Centric

Rich data, drives value through information views such as technology towers or category spend as well as sub-tower infrastructure layers

Bid Win Strategies

Supports structured pre-sales engagement, effectively increasing bid win ratio. Naturally afterwards drives third party transition or optimisation

Pot Hole Avoidance

Spots risks and mitigation associated with e.g. contract and / or service lapse, licence parties rights of use, and commercial lock-in situations

Estate Validation

Instrumental in the negotiation process, as data inventory fields are used to reconcile future needs, track savings, and ensure that nothing gets left behind

Managed Agency Tracker

Tracks negotiation of suppliers proprietary licenses and their terms of use with a view to granting non-asset transferred agency access and or management

Licence Modelling Calculator

Captures volume, structure, asset and operational breakdown, and can manipulate and model a licencee estate in order that alternative arrangements may be considered

Transition modelling features and benefits

Multiple Applications

Invaluable in these settings or initiatives: outsource, divestment, merger, acquisition, consolidation, tower or catalogue management

MasterSheet Analysis

Analysis makes contract navigation through complex transition easy. Complexity expressed through a simplistic layer

Exposure Alerts

Commercial lock-ins, service lapse, missed contract renewal or end dates. Can all be managed or avoided with built in exposure alerts

TUPE Tracker

Standardised assessment of circumstances of organisations whose services may be impacted by re-structure and where TUPE may apply

Industry Versatile

Proven focus across industry – government depts, financial services, aviation, logistics, energy, communications, consulting services

Financial Due Diligence

Transitioning in – due diligence on your new suppliers is of sufficient importance so as to be included as a standard undertaking

From a position of strength...

Our Master sheet creates access to granular metadata required to enable safe navigation across complex boundaries.

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