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We believe passionately that healthy relationships are the centre and enablers of everything.

We also appreciate that we don’t live within the confines or the pages of a commercially, legally drafted contract. Moreover everything that happens within a live operational environment is invariably subject to something.

To support modern increasingly dispersed ecosystems, we wanted to create digital freedom whilst promoting a structured virtual space for real-time engagement.

Create bespoke environments 

Business relationships thrive on structure, otherwise they become dysfunctional. KPIs rely on those structures, otherwise they become ineffective.

This is typically the area of any engagement that lacks the sophistication of baselined measurability.

SUPPECO does the heavy lifting here; creating baseline and structure through its 4 Pillars Dynamic Infrastructure, specifically geared towards effective KPI deployment, service measurement and improvement.

Deploy an unlimited range of value levers

SUPPECO’s KPI engine is best of breed. It offers an extensive library of regularly updated and configurable KPIs and will automatically serve optional suggestions based on live initiatives.

Our KPI engine also features the most comprehensive custom KPI creation suite – designed to support the capture and tracking of any requirement.

Dynamically track performance and resilience

SUPPECO creates an infinite array of targeted opportunity to drive service improvement, as well as monitoring and assuring service resilience.

Fully configurable categories, and optionally activated bespoke channels support in depth mapped and relevant stakeholder assessment and contribution.

Fully responsive. Any device, any location.

Create real-time interactive insights

2 key points to note on data. Firstly, data is clearly hugely important; perhaps the single most important component of measurability. Secondly, data ages quickly.

Rather than create static reports, SUPPECO delivers an array of live data insights – crucial contributions from engagement-wide stakeholder communities, or from the field.

Dynamic data insights from digital collaborative relationship solutions such as SUPPECO have been shown to contribute to an additional 3 – 10% incremental savings annually.

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