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  • Relationships are at the centre of everything we do - including SUPPECO

Commercial services

Spanning single and competitive tender actions, project and programme contract negotiations, service integration and management, solution integration and commissioning, software license management, outsource, divestment, M&A, sourcing and category optimisation.

Specific commercial management activities vary, depending on where they sit within contract life cycle. From ideas generation and tender, through contract award, projects and live service, to contract exit and re-let – and everything in-between.

Commercial advisory services

Technology related solutions evolve quickly. Our impartiality means that we are able to remain technology agnostic.

Positioned between client and one or a number of incumbent strategic partners, we provide Honest Broker services; advising clients on the commercial viability or long term scaleability of solutions resulting from in-house or incumbent vendor propositions.

Commercial negotiations

We’ve negotiated all the way across industry.

We’ve a broad focus across technology transformation, organisational change, and supplier management optimisation.

We’ve extensive experience across project and programme contract negotiation, service integration (SIAM), solution integration (SDIM), software license management, outsource, divestment, M&A, sourcing and category optimisation.

Risk Management

Risk assurance ranks highly in our approach to both relationship optimisation and organisational change & transformation. Creating strong relationships serves to contain level of risk, and how well risk is managed and mitigated.

Risk management and mitigation is a core feature of SUPPECO, our relationship management plan, and is an output feature of TRANSITION MODELLING analysis.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes are not commonplace but they do occur, often within build as opposed to run environments.

With a view to protecting valued relationships, we have successfully engaged on a number of both public-sector and corporate disputes, to facilitate commercial reviews by way of informal arbitration in advance of, and in an effort to avoid formal procedure.


Collaborative working arrangements provide valuable assurance where cross-dependencies exist between suppliers of an external eco-system; where each party may be responsible for delivering a component of a fully functional customer service.

We’re experienced negotiators of the principles of operational collaboration, both binding and non-binding, technical dependency as well as incentive schemes based on co-operative behaviour and business led requirements.

Tender Preparation

Planning and preparation for competitive tender situations varies greatly depending on cost and threshold, complexity, private sector, public sector and OJEU.

Our collaborative engagements range from business briefing note editorials with RFx preparation, to larger and more complex competitive dialogues, outline and final business case process for government departments, and multi-lot managed service re-lets.

Tender Evaluation

Tender planning and preparation is incomplete and certainly ineffective without comprehensive evaluation criteria.

The nature of tender evaluation varies greatly depending on the complexity of the services in question. It almost always requires a collaborative approach with multi-stakeholder involvement and contribution. Carefully considered scoring defines the outcome of a tendering exercise.

Pre-Sales Estate Validation

The pre-sales and validation process, harnesses contract metadata, and applies it to final stage negotiations, normally tower or service style metadata (depending on shape and scope of programme).

Category Management

Category management to us means cross tower commercial optimisation. Towers may be configured in many ways e.g. network, end user compute, data centre, security etc.

Cross tower category optimisation ensures both tactical and strategic client direction is met via IT procurement of services, both in terms of shorter term tactical saving, and longer term strategic vision e.g. digital transformation or cloud transition.

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Engaged on a number of key new contracts within Fujitsu, demonstrating business accumen, skill set and professionalism across a broad range of commercial and procurement areas

Dan Jenkins | Fujitsu Services

Hands-on approach meant not only delivered what was required, but also provided value-added consultancy to other business functions within pre-sales and transition.

Paul Gallagher | T Systems

Solution over Position...

In our experience, two parties collaborating to reach a joint solution are far more effective than two camps negotiating their own positions.

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