Business Founders and Team Cyclists

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In your twenties you’re invincible. Every facet of fitness is peaking: endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, body composition and anaerobic capacity. 

Different cycling disciplines peak at different ages. For example, sprinters peak younger, as fast twitch muscles associated with explosive acceleration decline at a younger age than cardiovascular endurance associated with general classification cyclists on the grand tour.

But here’s the thing about cycling, and also why this short blog is a great metaphor for business. Teamwork and tactics are always important; but they are an absolute game changer in team cycling, and create huge differences compared to individual sports.

Another hugely important factor in cycling is experience. Your knowledge based on your past, helps you adjust and prepare your approach for your season and for your future.

Everything learnt through previous years and seasons is key to ensuring that you know, based on knowledge of yourself, how to be in the right place working smart to maximise your skills.

Teams and tactics

Leveraging all a teams strength is absolutely paramount in cycling, as the output of each team member is markedly enhanced by drawing tactically on the strengths and abilities of others in the team – meaning that collectively, the team is able to excel beyond its parts.

In effect, this collaborative team approach, importantly prolongs the peaks of all its team members individually, as well as that of the team itself.

This combination of personal core fitness, team tactics, motivation, confidence, and crucially experience, means that actual physical peak becomes relatively unimportant.

The parallels between top flight team cycling, and founding & scaling successful startups are plentiful. No surprise then that founders are often successful later. No surprise either that good founders and CEOs both appreciate as well as compliment the natural ebb and flow of a great team.

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