Corruption Perception Index – US drops out of global top 20

This week, according to Transparency International, and reported by Reuters the US has dropped out of the global top 20 in the Corruption Perception Index. This is her lowest score since 2011, one which has been steadily declining until now.

Business leaders have been watching this unsettling trend – which does of course pre-date the Trump White House.

Though during Trump’s residency it must be said, the churn within the Administration is now something more akin to the revolving doors found in a work-in-the-trenches recruitment agency than what we’d expect to see in Gov.US; and is a clear barometer of impropriety, undue corporate influence and skulduggery. That’s coming from business leaders themselves – they drive this global index.

This downward trend is a flag raiser – increasingly organisations are using global CPI as part of their supplier on-boarding and vetting assessments. And whilst not generally a go-no-go deal decider, it’s an increasingly important consideration for strategic decision makers grading and containing risk associated with international trades, as well as operating global supply chains and eco-systems.

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