The markets insatiable appetite for smart tech; means that partnering in today’s increasingly inter-related...

Big Future for Procurement’s Mandate

The game changer that will help secure business...

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Subscription Revolution

An approach that puts customers ahead of product. In fact, it quite often removes the product...

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Relationships and Data – Urban Living

An additional 2.5bn people living in global cities by 2050. That’s only 30 years away; that’s a lot of people using...

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Transition modelling for divestment M&A outsource

While timelines for business transition projects are evermore compressed, the scale of activity is enormous. According...

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Corruption Perception Index – US drops out of global top 20

The US has dropped out of the global top 20 CPI...

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Your data and its inherent value

Data is the lifeblood of successful business. However, many businesses are still not getting the full value out of the...

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Performance management

Service improvement based on continual performance monitoring – with SUPPECO

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